Free 4 King Cash

Free 4 King Cash is the premier and most elite casino game offered in the Novomatic range. The game is targeted at casino slot game veterans who have plenty of experience with casino games and want a challenge and a financially rewarding game. When Free 4 King Cash loads up it opens over twenty different reels this is four times as many as your average free Novomatic slots making the game appear visually complex. The graphics however manage to successfully break down this complex set up so it is visually appealing to the player. The background of the slot game is the Kings emblem wallpapered all over the back of the slot and the different reels are separated with different borders and colours. This separation of the reels is the key to making free 4 King Cash a visual success. The sound effects used in the game are of a really high quality and add to the premier and elitist feel of the slot game. The symbols that are in play in free 4 King Cash are the 10, J, Q, K, Cherries, Plums, Sevens, Wild Symbol and the best symbol that can possibly be found is the bag of gold.

As explained above free 4 King Cash has a complex reel set up that looks to players that are new to casino slot games to be very confusing. However the more advanced slot game players will love the challenge that this game presents as it gives them the chance to aggressively gamble and add to their winnings when they are playing the game. The main bonus feature in Free 4 King Cash is the ‘Sack of Gold’ bonus this is activated when the player manages to get enough sacks of gold symbols on the screen at any one time. When this happens the title of the game lights up and the feature is activated and the player can win anything from 5x to 500x their stake. The next interesting feature in free 4 King Cash is the gamble bonus and this gives the user the chance to gamble all their winnings on a fifty / fifty bet where if they win they double their winnings and if they lose they lose everything. Free 4 King Cash is different to other games as it gives players a lucky loser bonus if they are unsuccessful with the gamble feature they are awarded an unknown prize.

In evaluation free 4 King Cash is a great addition to the Novomatic casino game range. This game offers players numerous different bonus options and players will love the opportunity to play for large amounts of money through bonuses that can pay up to 500x the stake. The graphics in free 4 King Cash really work well as the game has a complex reel set up and the clear and distinctive colours easily allow for players to clearly see the different reels. The theme of the game is of royalty and elegance and the graphics and sound effects really manage to pull this off.