Free Alchemist

Free Alchemist is one of the most unique and different slot offerings that Novomatic have created. The casino slot game is of a really high standard due to the very creative, exciting and fun theme that the game has been designed around. The theme is that of a wizard’s laboratory, the wizard is based in a magical world far far away. In this wizards laboratory the player is promised to have a spell binding experience and the player has the challenge of mixing and matching potions and spells to create the gold. The graphics that are used to design this complex theme in free Alchemist are excellent and the background of the slot is that of a wizard’s laboratory. In the laboratory there are spell books, different potions and magic rings all of these are drawn in an excellent cartoony style. A clever feature in the design of free Alchemist is that in the background there is a large spell book and in this spell book is the pay table with all the different winning combinations presented. Another great physical feature in free Alchemist is the sound effects these are all of the highest quality and represent the theme of a wizard’s world well.

The game play in free Alchemist is very different to the other free Novomatic slots, this is due to the simplicity of the slot machine. The slot machine is aimed towards people who have just started playing casino slot games. This simple playability is achieved by setting the game up on a three reel and one win line system which is the easiest possible format for a slot machine to have. Players then only have one choice when it comes to selecting the stake and will just spin and hope they have three matching symbols across the one win line. There is one very interesting bonus available in free Alchemist and that is the spell book bonus. The spell book bonus is achieved in free Alchemist when three spell books are lined up across the win line this then gives the player the choice of three magic potion bottles. The player must pick one of the three potions wisely as the right pick will mean the potion will turn to gold and the player can win a jackpot of up to 10000 credits. This is the only bonus feature of real interest in free Alchemist meaning the more serious and advanced players may get bored of the slot game.

In evaluation free Alchemist offers user an excellent different option when selecting which game they wish to play from the Novomatic range. Free Alchemist is perfect for players who are new to casino slot games and they will love the simplicity of the game. The game is however slightly limited in bonus features and for playing on more than one win line, this will mean that players who prefer the more advanced casino games may bore of this one fairly quickly. The game is designed around an excellent theme and presented with wonderful animated graphics.