Free Beetle Mania

Free Beetle Mania is one of the most creative and imaginative casino slot game on the market, Novomatic’s design team pulled out all the stops when creating this wonderful concept game. The concept behind the game is that of animated and cute characters who represent one the most famous bands of all time. The musical band is the fantastic Beetles band from the 1960’s and the game is centered on them and represents them as fun animated bug characters. This is a wonderfully creative idea that makes free Beetle Mania excellent fun to play for all different types of players. The graphics in free Beetle Mania are excellent and the animated designs really bring the game to live. The different Beetles in the game all have completely different mop haircuts to represents the four different stars from Liverpool. The background of the slot game is done out like a recording studio and players will love this as it makes the theme behind free Beetle Mania come to life even more. The sounds used in this slot game are again in keeping with the musical theme behind the slot and each different win line has a different electronic sound behind it.

Novomatic slots put some excellent game play features into free Beetle Mania the player will have some excellent bonus features to play for when playing on this slot game. The first of these features in free Beetle Mania is the scatter bonus feature and this is triggered when three or more musical notes arrive on the screen at the same time. This triggers ten win spins and when the spins are activated there is another special bonus that can come in during the spins, this special bonus is if a beetle spins in on the middle reel the winnings are automatically doubled. The next interesting feature in free Beetle Mania is the substitute feature this happens when the bee symbol is spun in on the win line and this bee symbol will substitute any other symbol in the game except the musical note. This substituting feature obviously really increases players winning chances as they can win money with more different symbols. Free Beetle Mania also includes an excellent gamble feature that players who like to bet aggressively will love. The gamble feature gives players the chance to double or lose their winnings on the strength of a fifty / fifty bet.

Novomatic really did well with the creation of free Beetle Mania as it is a beautifully animated slot game with great design. The theme of the game is excellent as it manages to recreate one of the most popular musical bands of all time and it does this in a fun animated way. Free Beetle Mania also includes some fantastic bonus features which allow a player to win very decent amounts of money. The bonus features are also very exciting and a user will enjoy playing the game very much with this combination of a fun theme and great game play.