Free Big Catch

Novomatic have produced a wonderful themed casino slot game in free Big Catch. It is an excellent themed game that chooses to have its theme on an activity that many people are very passionate about, fishing. Fishing is a massively popular pass time for many people and the opportunity to play a casino game that is themed on a very popular hobby will be a massive attraction for many people. Free Big Catch actually places the player far out at sea on a fishing boat and takes them deep under the sea so that they can visualize what they are trying to catch. The idea in free Big Catch is to try and catch the biggest fish possible as this will result in the biggest prizes being won. It’s as simple as the bigger the fish the bigger the prize. The graphics in free Big Catch are excellent and they allow players the chance to fully submerge themselves in the theme of the game, the background of the slot is a moving ocean and the fish are presented in fantastic colours and detail. The sound effects in the game are also really good as they make the player think of an underwater environment which all adds to the authenticity of the slot game.

The game play in free Big Catch is of a really high standard and players will love the fact that alongside the very high end graphics the game play is also of a very high standard. The reason behind this excellent game play is the fact that the game operates on the traditional and well loved five reels and twenty win line set up. Free Big Catch then also has some fantastic bonus options that will keep a player hungry to keep playing and catch more fish which equal prizes. The first of the bonus features in free Big Catch is the substituting feature, this feature means that if a wild starfish symbol may spin in on the third and fifth reel then this wild starfish has the ability to be substituted with any other symbol on the board. The next excellent feature in free Big Catch is the excellent ‘Go Fishing’ bonus and this is started randomly at any point in the game. This can be started after a winning or losing line for a player, when this bonus starts a really great noise is sounded and the reels clear to make way for a fishing bonanza. This bonus can heavily contribute to a player’s prize fund.

This free Novomatic slot themed game is a massive success due to the quality of the theme that the game represents. Free Big Catch is themed around fishing and players will love this theme as it reminds them of the very pleasurable past time fishing. The graphics and sounds effects are of the very best quality and this allows players to really enjoy the game and the theme that is being created. The game play in free Big Catch is of the highest standard with some very fun bonus features available.