Free Bugs and Bees

Novomatic the world’s number one casino slot game provider brings users a treat with their latest offering free Bugs and Bees. This game is a cartoon themed game where the characters have all been animated with excellent designs to look like varying cute bugs and bees. This game will appeal to people who like animations and enjoy different animals and creatures. The different animations used in free Bugs and Bees are fantastic and every time a reel spins and a creature lands on the win line they do a little 3D dance and this really adds to the visual appeal to the game. The graphics used in free Bugs and Bees are really first rate and bring alive the animations of the bugs and bees. The visual appearance of this game will leave users buzzing for more action and the sound effects used in free Bugs and Bees are equally impressive. The sound effects are made in keeping with the cute and cartoony feel of the slot and different musical cords are played when different winning combinations are activated. The symbols that can be found are the traditional 10, J, Q, K and A then all of the different animated bugs and bees.

The game play of the free Bugs and Bees slot is very user friendly, the game is set up on a five reel and twenty win line format. This format is the most popular format for slot games as it allows players the option of how many lines they want to bet with therefore raising the amount of flexibility a gambler has. The bonus options that are available in free Bugs and Bees include an excellent scatter symbol bonus in this game the musical note acts as the scatter symbol. When a user manages to get three, four or five musical notes on the screen at one point in time then the player is rewarded with ten, twelve and fifteen bonus win spins. These win spins can really make a player buzz and if a ‘Piano Bug’ symbol drops in when the bonus spins are playing then all winnings are doubled. The substitute feature is also available in free Bugs and Bees and this feature is the bee. This bee can be swapped for any feature in the game except the Musical note and therefore can dramatically improve players winning chances. These two bonus features make free Bugs and Bees a very interesting place to play.

Novomatic have really broken the mold when making this slot game and free Bugs and Bees is a quality animated fun slot. Players will love the fun animated characters and they will have hours of fun seeing the different animated dances that the bugs and bees do when they come in on the various win lines. The bonus features in free Bugs and Bees are also very attractive to players as they reward players with a very exciting scatter bonus that can easily be doubled and a very good substituting feature which again helps players win big prizes.