Free Bullion Bars

A player will imagine saw dust on the floor in a crazy salon in the Wild West when they see the theme that Novomatic are trying to create with the casino slot game free Bullion Bars. The game is a very simple casino slot game that is recreating the first casino slot games ever created. Players when they see the game will think of the first casino slot games that the cowboys used to play in bars many years ago. Free Bullion Bars will also remind players of the first games that were placed in land based casinos, the game manages to pull this theme of in a very authentic manner and the game looks and plays excellently. The graphics used in free Bullion Bars are in keeping with the theme of the game and are very simple, the background is black and the main difference in the appearance of the game from other slots is that the format of the game is on a three reeled board which makes the whole game look much simpler. The sounds that are used in free Bullion Bars are also very simple and the electronic tones used are similar to that of the original land based games.

The game play in free Bullion Bars is of the highest possible standard and players will love the challenge that this slot creates. The game is very unique in the free Novomatic range as it operates on only three reels but it has twenty win line options which is an excellent and very different set up for the slot machine to have. Free Bullion Bars also has several different excellent bonus features that can make the game very profitable and very appealing for the real gamblers out there. The first of these wicked bonus features in free Bullion Bars is the ‘Bullion Streak’ this is won when a player spins Bar, Bar Streak, Bar across the win line. This then activates the bonus feature which involves ‘Bullion Streak’ lighting up in big lights and the reels spinning automatically and different winning combinations come up. These winning combinations then add to the prize fund and can make a player really rich, this feature only stops when a losing combination is shown on the reels. The next feature to watch for in free Bullion Bars is the scatter feature and the gamble feature both of these bonuses can make a player really profitable.

This Novomatic game is an all time classic casino slot game that has as much appeal now on its modern online platform as it did back when it was invented. Free Bullion Bars brilliantly recreates the simple image that it tries to achieve through simple graphics and sound effects. The game play in free Bullion Bars is excellent and players will love the fact that they can play the game with several different bonus features. The game has a really unique format operating on three reels and this really gives players a different option when they decide which slot game to play.