Free Caribbean Holiday

Novomatic have managed to create a very unique concept with the latest casino slot game free Caribbean Holiday. The game is based around the theme of a dream holiday to a world famous destination. Most users will dream of a holiday in the Caribbean and this slot game gives people the chance to act out this fantasy whist playing for the cash to actually try and make the fantasy become a reality. The theme of free Caribbean Holiday is pulled off through excellent graphics and imaginative ideas from the game producers. This is demonstrated by the background of the slot which is designed around the sea and then the sky which makes players think of a holiday destination. The next clever feature in the design behind free Caribbean Holiday is the title text which is written in colours resembling the sun and features an airplane and both these things will remind players of a fantasy holiday. The symbols used in free Caribbean Holiday are also in keeping with the theme of the rest of the slot game and these symbols are a dolphin, a female surfer, a Caribbean beach, a flamingo, a lifeguard and a Caribbean Mai Tai. The sounds used in the game also remind a player of being on a dream vacation.

The game play in free Caribbean Holiday is also of an excellent standard with the format of the slot being a five reel and twenty win line game. This free Novomatic classic format gives players many options when selecting how many win lines are in play and how large the stake is that they are playing with. The bonus features in free Caribbean Holiday are also very attractive and include the scatter symbol bonus which is represented by the airplane symbol. A player must get 3 or more airplanes on the screen at one time and they then will win forty five bonus spins. Any winnings on these bonus spins are automatically doubled and this means the user can win massive amounts through this excellent feature. Free Caribbean Holiday also features the wild multiplier bonus which is where if a lifeguard is spun in on a win line it acts as a substituting symbol for other symbols on the board and it then automatically doubles that win line. The last feature to watch out for in free Caribbean Holiday is the gamble bonus which gives the player the opportunity to double or lose their winnings on a fifty / fifty bet this option will only be taken by the brave.

Overall free Caribbean Holiday is a very unique themed slot machine which gives players the chance to pretend they are on a fantasy holiday. The beauty of the game is that whilst players are living out this fantasy through the casino slot game they are also playing for the opportunity to win some serious cash prizes so they can make this dream holiday become a reality. The bonus features in free Caribbean Holiday are of an excellent standard and they really offer players the chance to make that dream a reality.