Free Columbus

This exhilarating casino slot machine game from Novomatic takes a player back hundreds of years and places the player in the shoes of one of history’s most famous explorers. The title of this Novomatic casino slot game is free Columbus and it is themed on the adventures of the incredible Christopher Columbus. This historical character is famous for sailing around the world on his old sailing ship and discovering America which was at the time uncharted territory. Free Columbus will make the player feel as if they are sat aboard the old wooden ship setting out to sail across the world. All that Christopher Columbus had to navigate this uncharted ocean with was a compass and he would make a map as his journey continued. Players will love the opportunity in free Columbus to feel as if they are setting out on this dangerous and exciting journey across the ocean to discover new worlds and ultimately find new treasures. Due to the authenticity of the excellent graphics players will really feel when playing free Columbus as if they are crossing the world heading out from an old English harbor on the lookout for new lands, creatures and treasures.

Free Columbus is an exciting themed slot title from Novomatic and it offers players an excellent playing format of five reels and ten win lines. This format is slightly simpler for users to operate than the five reels and twenty win line system but it is still complex enough to offer players a good selection when choosing their stake. The first very attractive bonus system in free Columbus is the scatter bonus feature called the Sailing Ship bonus. This is achieved by spinning in three Sailing Ships on the screen at any one time and the user then wins ten bonus spins the player can change the stake at any point during these bonus spins. The next excellent feature on offer in free Columbus is the substitute feature where if a Columbus symbol is spun in on the win line it can be substituted for any other symbol on the board and this really maximizes a players chances of winning. The last bonus feature in free Columbus that gives players an excellent chance to win more money by playing aggressively is the gamble feature. This is where the player hits the gamble button and is displayed a deck of cards and they can then choose if the next card that is drawn is black or red. The result of this leaves the player either doubling or losing their winnings.

When evaluating the whole playing experience of free Columbus a player will love the fact they are allowed to take on the character of one of history’s finest figures. This great graphics really allow the player to feel like they are setting off across the ocean on a fine adventure. The game play in free Columbus is excellent with a very flexible bonus feature that will leave players hungry for more winnings. This combination of an excellent theme, graphics and game play make this a classic free Novomatic slots game.