Free Dolphins Pearl

Free Dolphins Pearl is without a doubt the best casino slot game available in the Novomatic range. This is because the graphics used to recreate the theme are on a completely different level than anything ever before seen in the casino slot game market. The theme that the designers have created in free Dolphins Pearl is fantastic it is about a world deep under the sea where the water is crystal clear and a beautiful blue colour. In this deep sea environment many wonderful creatures live and the player when they embark on this adventure and play free Dolphins Pearl can expect to see some fantastic sights. The idea of the game for a player is to go into this completely fantasy world and to navigate their way around lots of different creatures including seahorses, many different coloured schools of fish, and a large clownfish in search of the pearl that is kept hidden right at the bottom of the ocean in a mussel. The aim of the game is to get the Dolphins help to try and find this beautiful pearl. The graphics used in free Dolphins Pearl help create this wonderful environment and help bring the 3D game to life in a fantastic way.

The game play in free Dolphins Pearl is in keeping with the graphics and therefore is excellent. The game operates on a five reel and ten win line system which is slightly less complex to operate than some of the other games in the Novomatic range but still gives the player lots of flexibility when selecting a stake. The bonus features in free Dolphins Pearl start with a really good scatter bonus feature and this means that players need to get 3 or more of the pearl mussel symbols on the screen at any one time and then fifteen free bonus spins are activated. The stake is then trebled for all of the fifteen bonus spins which means that the winning potential for the player is huge. The next bonus feature in free Dolphins Pearl is the substitute feature which means that when a Dolphin is spun in on a reel it acts as a substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the pearl mussel symbol. This feature can dramatically increase a player’s chances of winning. The last feature to keep an eye on in free Dolphins Pearl is the gamble feature where a player has the options to double or lose all their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet.

In evaluation of this excellent free Novomatic slots title players will find the graphics to be nothing less than exceptional and will love the way that the game uses bubbles in the background to recreate a moving ocean scene. The graphics in free Dolphins Pearl are the best in the whole of the Novomatic range. The bonus features in free Dolphins Pearl are also of a very high quality and really allow users the opportunity to make some massive winnings especially through the Pearl Mussel bonus.