Free Golden Sevens

Free Golden Sevens is a classic casino slot game experience from Novomatic, the game is targeted at the users who enjoy an authentic casino slot game experience. The game is targeted at players who have enjoyed playing casino slot games in the original land based casinos. The players who are the types who enjoy the challenge of land based casino games will love free Golden Sevens. The game is designed to be just like the original land based game and the graphics used in the online slot game are excellent as they really recreate the land based game well. Players will love the opportunity to play games that recreate land based slots online from the comfort of their own bedroom or living room. The sound effects in free Golden Sevens are also really well designed with the production team making sure that the sounds are similar to the sounds a player would hear when walking through a live casino. The symbols used in free Golden Sevens are all very traditional and in keeping with casino slot games of the past they are all popular fruits that include cherries, apples, melons, lemons, oranges and plums. The game then also includes the obvious 7’s that are the best symbols to find in the slot game.

The set up of the slot game free Golden Sevens is that of a five reel and twenty win line slot this is the most popular slot format in the Novomatic range. The reason behind its popularity is that there are so many options available when a player comes to choosing a stake and selecting how many win lines they are playing on. The bonus feature that a player can then aim for in free Golden Sevens is the progressive jackpot bonus this is a massive paying bonus that can really reward a player. To win the progressive jackpot a player must spin in fifteen 7’s on a screen at any one time. This will really reward a player as the progressive jackpot starts at 10,000x the stake. The aim of free Golden Sevens apart from this super bonus feature is to line up from left to right as many of the same fruits and symbols as possible. These different symbols all result in different paying amounts and these amounts can be found in the pay table. Free Golden Sevens also includes a gamble bonus feature which offers the player the chance to double or lose their winning on the basis of a fifty / fifty bet.

In conclusion free Golden Sevens is one of the best casino slot games under the Novomatic umbrella as it offers users both a traditional and exciting casino experience. It does this through a combination of great graphics and sound effects that really make the player believe that they are in a real live casino. The other factor that makes free Golden Sevens such an award winning game is the fact it has a huge progressive jackpot on offer that will keep all real gamblers happy and gives them a great goal to aim for.