Free Just Jewels Deluxe

This themed slot game is an excellent addition to the free Novomatic slots range of casino games as it is a very different offering and is targeted at women. Free Just Jewels Deluxe is targeted at women as the theme of the game is being in a jewelers shop and being able to choose from all the fantastic jewels that are in the shop. A player will feel totally immerged when they play free Just Jewels Deluxe in a world of luxury and they will feel like they are the super rich and famous. The game recreates the lifestyles of the types of people can live with this amazing existence. All women would like to escape to a world where they are surrounded by jewels of all different types and sizes and free Just Jewels Deluxe allows people to do this. The graphics used in the slot game really represent this luxury world and image very well. The background used in free Just Jewels Deluxe is a blue shiny velvet show cloth which represents what you would find in a real jeweler’s. This attention is detail makes the game very visually appealing which players will love and this allows them to immerge themselves in the theme of the slot.

The game play that this Novomatic casino slot game offers is excellent and this is what has come to be standard from this brand. Free Just Jewels Deluxe operates on a five reel and ten win line system which is slightly simpler than the twenty win line version of the games in the Novomatic range. There are less bonus features available in free Just Jewels Deluxe than some of the competing games but this does not detract from the enjoyment of the game as there are still many opportunities to win. These opportunities to win come from lining up adjacent symbols from the left to the right and if three or more symbols are in line then the player wins the corresponding amount. The different amounts that can be won for each symbol in free Just Jewels Deluxe can be found in the pay table. A feature that makes it easier for the player to line up adjacent symbols is the substituting feature and the symbol that represents this is the Euro symbol. This Euro symbol can be substituted for any symbol on the board while the user is playing free Just Jewels Deluxe.

When evaluating this different Novomatic game it is obvious that free Just Jewels Deluxe presents a very different and appealing option for players. Free Just Jewels operates on a similar format to other slots but it does not have complicated bonus features and some players will love this. However, some other players will get bored as it presents a lack of challenge without these bonus features. The graphics used in free Just Jewels Deluxe are of a high standard and allow players to enjoy a totally absorbing themed game experience. The theme is directly targeted towards women and this theme of jewels is very popular.