Free Katana

Free Katana is without a doubt one of the best and most popular casino slot games available in the Novomatic range. The game was a house hold name in the land based casino world and it was just as popular when the game made the move to the online platform. Free Katana offers players the chance to journey on a wonderful adventure both back in time and into a mystery filled and magical world. The game is themed on ancient Japan and this makes a wonderful location for an adventure. The player will begin his mission in the vast plains of ancient Japan with a Samurai sword in hand the player must try and make the journey to find the hidden treasure. The player whilst playing free Katana must negotiate all sorts of obstacles like dark ninjas, sinking swamps and dangerous huts once the player has passed these he must try and find the magical temple. This temple is the home of the treasure that the player must find if they are to be successful when playing free Katana. The graphics and sound in this free Novomatic casino slot game are excellent and really manage to bring this fantasy theme to life.

Free Katana is a dream game for all real gambling fans as they will love all the bonus features that are available in this exciting game. The first of these bonus features in free Katana is the scatter feature; the symbol that represents this feature is the samurai sword symbol. The player must try to get three or more samurai swords on the screen at one time this then activates ten free bonus spins. The exciting thing about this scatter feature is that during the bonus spins the symbols may expand over the reel resulting in a massive payout for the player. The next feature in free Katana is the substituting feature this is where a player has their chances of winning increased dramatically through a special symbol. This special substituting symbol is the Shogun (an old Japanese Man) and when this Shogun lands on a win line he can be substituted into any symbol the player needs. The last bonus feature of interest in Free Katana is the gamble feature this is where a player can double or lose their winnings. This gamble is always at a huge risk as it is placed on a chance fifty / fifty bet.

In evaluation free Katana rightly deserves its status as a classic and favorite slot game. It deserves this because it is based on a wonderful and very exciting theme that most players will enjoy the chance to enter an adventure in. Free Katana also has first rate game play and bonus features that players will love to aim towards, the bonus features can also really result in some excellent winnings for players. The graphics and sound effects that are used to create the game are amazing and this really shows how successfully the theme of the game is created.