Free Magic Princess

Novomatic is the world’s premier slot machine manufacturer and they make many different casino slot games. One of the main and most successful games in the range is called free Magic Princess, this game is a themed game that is targeted more at female players. The theme of the game is that of a magical princess’s world and the beauty of the slot game is the way that the Novomatic production team manage to transport a user so that they really feel part of this magical and mystical world. Free Magic Princess takes players into a world where they find themselves looking for the princess’s tower. In this tower she has the ability to cast a magic spell and a player will then find themselves winning lots of money. This bewitching magical environment will lead a player through many different places on their way to finding the tower and the player due to the quality of the graphics will really feel like they are enjoying the journey. The symbols used in free Magic Princess are all in keeping with the theme of the game and include a magic wand, a magic ball, a crown and of course the princess. The sounds used in free Magic Princess are also of an outstanding quality and reinforce the theme of a magical world.

The game play in free Magic Princess as with all Novomatic’s Casino slot games are of an excellent quality. The format of the slot machine is the traditional and popular five reel and twenty win line combination which gives users a large amount of choice when selecting their stake. The bonus features in free Magic Princess are really excellent and give players a fantastic incentive while playing. The main goal is to activate the main bonus feature which is the Magic Ball feature this is won when 3, 4 or 5 ‘Magic Balls’ are on the screen at the same time. This feature gives the player 15 free bonus spins and during these spins a player wins three times the normal amount. The second bonus feature to be won in free Magic Princess is the substituting feature this means that when a princess appears on the reel it substitutes any other symbol on the board except a magic ball. This feature massively increases a player’s chances of winning as the princess is a very powerful symbol in the game. The next feature to watch out for in the free Magic Princess Casino slot game is the gamble feature this is where a user has the ability to gamble all their winnings in a fifty / fifty bet and on the flip side they risk losing everything.

In evaluation of the free Magic Princess Casino slot game from Novomatic it ranks up there as one of the best titles in the whole range. The reasons behind this are the fact it totally immerses users in a complete fantasy world where they will love the opportunity to be able to play for money whilst travelling around an imaginary world. The bonus features available in free Magic Princess are also of an excellent standard and the Magic Ball feature gives users the chance to treble their winnings on the free spins. This Magic Ball feature is one of the most exciting bonuses available throughout the Novomatic range.