Free Party Games Slotto

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Novomatic have managed with this casino slot game to go all out for the fun filled disco vibe. The theme that players will feel when they choose to play free Party Games Slotto is the 1880’s disco feeling. Players will be thinking of huge disco balls, flashing floor lights, strobe lights and flared trousers when they begin to play this excellent game. Free Party Games Slotto manages to pull off a very different and unique theme through excellent but simple graphics. The background of free Party Games Slotto is dark like the nightclub it is trying to recreate and the title of the game is written in bright fun colours with party balloons surrounding the title. This is an excellent recreation of the 1980’s disco scene and players will love the opportunity to feel like they are embarking on a big night out on the town when they begin to play this casino slot game. The sound effects in free Party Games Slotto are really fantastic which is to be expected from a slot game that is themed on a musical disco image. The symbols that can be found in the super slot are the watermelons, cherries, plums, number 7, BAR, J, Q, K and the very special Disco Sherriff.

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The game play that is available in free Party Games Slotto is of a really high standard. This is because of both the bonus features that are available and the reel format that is set up in the game. The reel format in free Party Games Slotto is of five reels and twenty win lines making it a more advanced and interesting slot game for players to play. The first bonus feature of interest to players in free Party Games Slotto is the ‘Pick a Prize’ bonus and this is won when the player gets three or more of the disco sheriff’s to show on screen. The result of the disco sheriffs showing on the screen is that the player has to pick a party guest to take into a private room and wins the prize that guest represents. All of the different guest represent totally different prizes. The next great bonus feature available in free Party Games Slotto is the huge jackpot winning feature, if the user manages to get a screen full of all 7’s then the top jackpot of 100,000 credit is won. If the player manages to only get five 7’s but these 7’s are lined up across the win line then the player wins a prize of 5000 credits which is also amazing.

In conclusion free Party Games Slotto is a hugely fun themed slot game from Novomatic. Players are guaranteed because of to the sounds and the graphics that accurately represent this theme to have a wonderful experience when playing this game. The bonus features that are available in free Party Games Slotto offer players an excellent chance to win some great prizes through some unique ideas this is demonstrated by the ‘Pick a Prize’ bonus.