Free Power Stars

Novomatic decided to launch their players into space with this fantastic casino slot game free Power Stars. This game is themed around blasting the player into outer space on a mission to collect as many stars as possible and hopefully if the player is really lucky they will find the power star and return to base rich. Free Power Stars is a graphical success as the game has a great appearance on the screen with a strong red background and a lighter red centre. The title of the game is written in a gold colour which looks fantastic as it really represents the colour of a star very well. Free Power Stars also has fantastic sound effects behind it and these sound effects are very powerful and sound like outer space so they work really well in this game. The symbols that are used in free Power Stars are the space fruits which are cherries, a plum, watermelon, orange, a lemon, and grapes and of course the ultimate power star. This power star is presented with flames and lights around it in a way that looks fantastic for the user. The whole game has a very powerful and energetic feel to it that players will love and really enjoy.

This Novomatic game offers some very different bonus features than other titles in the range which is very exciting for users. The format of free Power Stars is a five reel and ten win line slot game which offers players a good amount of flexibility when selecting their stake but it’s also not as complex as the twenty win line slot. The exciting bonus feature in free Power Stars is the ‘Power Star’ bonus this bonus is where the power star symbol can be spun into the middle three reels and acts as a substitute for any other symbol on the board. This therefore increases player’s chances to win and when this power star does lead to a win it also activates a free win spin which again is great for the player. The main goal in free Power Stars is to line at least three symbols up from left to right and these symbols can also be lined up across the middle three reels. The last bonus feature for a player to watch out for in free Power Stars is the gamble feature this is where a player has the option to risk their winnings on a complete chance bet.

In summary of free Power Stars it is clear that this is an adrenaline charged action adventure into outer space from free Novomatic slots. Users will really enjoy the chance to play a highly action packed slot machine game where the sounds and the graphics add a lot of enjoyment to the game. The sounds and graphics are both of the highest standard and players will without a doubt enjoy this element of the game. The bonus features that are available in free Power Stars are also excellent and they are different to the other slots in the Novomatic range which give users a really good opportunity to play a game with a different twist.