Free Quest for Gold

Free Quest for Gold is without a doubt one of the most exciting games in the Novomatic casino slot game range. The game is an action and adventure themed slot where the player is sent deep into the far distant jungle where they are tasked with the massive job of searching through the jungle for the hidden gold. When playing free Quest for Gold the player is armed with a map and a compass like every good explorer, the player then starts his journey through the jungle where they will have to pass many obstacles to reach their destination. These obstacles include savage hill and village tribes where the locals are armed with poison darts and dangerous animals roam the jungle. This exciting action and adventure theme in free Quest for Gold is brought to life by excellent graphics and sound effects these effects really bring the game to life for the player. The symbols used in free Quest for Gold are in keeping with the explorer feel and include a pyramid, a monkey, a necklace, an adventurer and of course a treasure map. The normal symbols of 10, J, Q, K and A are also in play but pay out less than the special symbols.

This excellent free Novomatic slot game includes several excellent game play features which make it an incredibly enjoyable game to play. The format of this free Quest for Gold slot machine is the popular 5 reel and twenty win line set up which maximises the user’s options when they come to selecting the stake and the bet. Then first bonus feature in free Quest for Gold is the scatter bonus feature the symbol that represents this is the treasure map. If the user manages to spin in three or more of the treasure map symbols on the screen then they win up to 15 free win spins. There is a winning multiplier of up to three times on these spins which again can really help the player win big amounts. The next important feature to look out for whilst playing free Quest for Gold is the substituting feature. The substitute feature is represented by the explorer symbol and this symbol if on a win line can substitute any other symbol on the board with the exception of the treasure map. This substitute feature can really increase a player’s chances of winning as whenever it spins in on a win line it has the same value as any other symbol so it can massively increase the winning potential when playing free Quest for Gold.

When reviewing the overall performance of this Novomatic slot machine it is obvious that it is one of the best performing and most exciting themed slot games. This is because of the theme that free Quest for Gold represents it is a very adventurous one and players that like action and adventure will love this game. The playability in free Quest for Gold is of a very high standard with some excellent bonus features that players will want to push forward and play on for. This combination of an excellent theme and great bonuses make this game a classic.