Free Ramses 2

Free Ramses 2 is a themed slot game from the Novomatic range of casino slot games. This game is one of the best and most advanced in the whole of the Novomatic range. The reason that free Ramses 2 is such a smash hit is that it is based on a wonderful theme, this theme is the ancient Egyptian world. The game really makes players feel that they are being transported back hundreds and hundreds of years back into a world surrounded by mystery and mystic. The graphics that are used in free Ramses 2 to implement this great theme are simply brilliant and they really allow a player to enjoy the themed experience to the max. The background of the slot makes a user think of pyramids and gold and the text in the title is presented in a very powerful way. The sound effects in free Ramses 2 are of a very high standard and also make a user think of different things associated with ancient Egypt. The symbols that are used in this excellent game are also in keeping with the theme and include a man wearing a horrible mask, pyramids, a big gold temple, a golden eagle, a scarab, a gem, a camel and an emperor.

This classic Novomatic game adopts a very similar format to most of the other free Novomatic slot games in the range and this is the five reels and twenty win line system. This system in free Ramses 2 allows players the chance to select different stake options and therefore have many different options when they place their bet. The bonus features in free Ramses 2 are also excellent and the main feature is the scatter feature which is represented by the scarab symbol. If the player gets three or more scarabs on the screen at once then 15 bonus spins are won and this is where a player can really expect to win some serious prizes. The next excellent bonus feature in free Ramses 2 is the wild multiplier feature and this is where if the emperor symbol is spun in on a reel it can substitute any other symbol on the board. The emperor symbol does not only substitute any other feature on the board but it doubles that winning line meaning the user wins an excellent amount. The last feature a user should be aware of in free Ramses 2 is the gamble bonus this is where a user can double or lose their winnings on a fifty / fifty bet.

In evaluation of free Ramses 2 it is obvious that the game is highly player friendly because of the excellent graphics and sounds that are used to recreate the excellent theme. The theme is something that users will love as they truly feel transported to the ancient Egyptian world which is a world that is very different to the world players are used to. The bonus features that are available to play for in free Ramses 2 are very exciting and will keep players hooked. The wild multiplier feature is an excellent bonus that allows players an excellent chance to double their cash.