Free Win Wizard

This casino slot game from Novomatic is a themed slot game experience that will appeal to players who like to get lost in a magical world filled with spells and magic tricks. Free Win Wizard is a game that is based in a world that is far away from the reality that a normal player lives in. The player would want to play this game if they want a spell binding experience that they will never forget. Free Win Wizard gives players the opportunity to take on a fantasy adventure whilst having the chance to line their pockets with cash this is a very rare opportunity. Once a player begins this fantasy adventure they will be taken to a world where they will have to navigate their way through dark forests past magical toads and frogs to the Wizards home. The Wizards home is located deep inside a castle which is protected by all sorts of magical spells, if the player manages to find the wizards home then they will unlock the special spell and will win free Win Wizard. The graphics and the sound effects in free Win Wizard are both excellent and allow this complex magical theme to come to live.

Free Win Wizard offers players the chance to enjoy a brilliantly themed slot game but it also more importantly offers great game play and some excellent bonus features. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty win line slot machine which gives players lots of options when selecting there stake and win lines. The first bonus feature to look at in free Win Wizard is the ‘Win Wizard’ bonus this is a great bonus that appears randomly during a game and can start after a winning or losing spin. The bonus starts with a magical noise and then a floating wizard hovers over the reels and reads from his spell book granting the players winnings. This bonus can feature more than one wizard really adding to a player’s prize fund and ends when the spell book reads ‘The End’. The next bonus feature to watch out for in free Win Wizard is the substitute feature which is represented by the wild frog symbol this symbol can substitute any other symbol in the game to maximize a players winning chances. Free Win Wizard offers these two excellent and very different bonus features that will leave a player spell bound.

This free Novomatic slot game offers players the chance to disappear on a fantasy adventure into a magical land where they will battle with different spells to win big prizes. Free Win Wizard has excellent graphic and sound effects which allow the magical theme of the slot game to come to life. The two different bonus features in free Win Wizard have the potential to both be very lucrative and they offer a player real excitement during the game. The combination of the exciting game play, bonus features and magical theme make this a classic casino game.